Pete & Zanna

What's in a name?

You may have seen or heard these two under a variety of other names, including  Hazel Grey, Laughing Sally… depending on when and where on the planet you were when you experienced them and their music. Regardless of band name, Pete and Zanna are an eclectic husband and wife duo, currently living Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who have been writing, recording, performing, and touring together for over 2 decades.

Their latest album "Elaborately Undone" is now available for purchase, and on all download and streaming platforms!  

Sinner's Serenade

"I'm broken
Elaborately undone.
Lost in a land like a shadow
That's just passing on,
And I'm gone. 

I've fallen. 
My journey had just begun.
And the echoes of heaven which
Rang loud and clear 
Are now distant
In my ear..."

Autumn leaves cascading down around my feet, like a quiet waltz of all my memories. And like a dream, you take my hand and look at me, and walk me to the edge of eternity. What a sight to see!”

— "On That Final Day"