Hazel Grey

Our story begins with two young friends who found they had many things in common - a love for good literature, strong coffee and the creative arts; a hunger for adventure, a thirst for truth, and an insatiable desire to create and perform music. 

Their journeys have led them to a wide variety of venues and locations over the years, spending countless hours in deep conversation as they peered out over the steering wheel into the dark highways. They have had the honour and pleasure of performing in  festivals, conferences, Highland Games, universities, pubs, coffee shops, social club functions, churches, weddings, funerals, children's and seniors shows, house concerts, etc… in over 20 US states and 3 Canadian provinces (and a few other countries here and there).

Today they, with their three children, reside in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Much of the adventure includes struggling to get the kids to school on time, keeping up on the laundry and dishes... Yet somewhere through it all, they still find the time to create and write, to learn new instruments and to continue in their passion of recording and performing together. 

For current updates, photos, and info on upcoming shows, follow them at  Facebook.com/hazelgreymusic.

Their album "Rainy Day Parade" is available on many of the streaming platforms. You may also order/download the album below. A number of the songs from this album have been created into lyric videos as well, which can be found on the 'Videos" tab of this site. 

Hazel Grey is also in the process of recording two new singles:
"Driftwood", which is the first song Pete wrote for Josanna, before they even started dating, and sang for her in the branches of a sycamore tree in East Texas.  As well as a re-vamped version of their song "Lover and the Fool", which was the title track from their first album in 1999 under the band name Laughing Sally. Stay tuned for the release dates! 

"Carnival Rain" performed at the Varsity Open Stage Night, June 2022.  

Rainy Day Parade

Hazel Grey

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Rainy Day Parade is the 5th album by Pete and Zanna (under the band name Hazel Grey). This is an eclectic folk album with original songs about life, including some fresh arrangements of a few songs off of their 1st album Lover and the Fool (as Laughing Sally).

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Hazel Grey Reviews

"Thank you for your wonderful performance, charming personalities and welcoming spirits! I was so happy to hear you play today at Chapter's Crowfoot and to see you perform in person. Your energy is infectious and your love of music and your musical talents shine through. Your CD provided musical accompaniment on my way home from the event and has been playing in my house ever since! My walks with the dog will be in tune to the sounds of Hazel Grey once I have downloaded your CD on my ipod. Can't wait for someone to ask me who I am listening to, so I can share your music with them!" 
Lana Shupe
Crowfoot Chapters Bookstore, Calgary

"Hazel Grey was one of two bands that performed at the third and last Steampunk Ball, hosted by The Official Edmonton Steampunk Group this year. Not only are they professional, well dressed and super talented, anyone who hires Josanna and Peter to perform at their event will not be disappointed by the unique sound and quality performance of this amazing musical duo. Thank you Hazel Grey for being a part of the magic!"
Mel Wartenberg
The Official
Edmonton Steampunk Group

"Hazel Grey's unique vibrancy comes from the weaving of heart felt stories and sounds brought to life by Pete's guitar, Josanna's variety of instruments, and their powerful combined vocals. Every song leaves you richer."
Adam Dreece
Author of "the Yellow Hoods" series

"I wish to commend Hazel Grey for their wonderful performance at our June wind-up luncheon of the Women's Canadian Club of Calgary. Their professionalism and enthusiasm had everyone enjoying the show! Josanna and Peter Justine, that comprise 'Hazel Grey' , proved more than willing to learn new songs that would relate to our theme that day and it was obvious to all that they truly enjoy entertaining people. Thanks for the memories!"
Susanne Meyer, Speaker/
Entertainment Chairperson of WCC of Calgary

I write this song for my friends upon the shelf. Some are old, their spines are broken. Penned by authors who have long-since passed away. But their voice still speaks to me. The grave cannot silence their words and poetry. ”

— "Paper Thin Kingdoms"